Clemson graduate killed in Australian plane crash


MELBOURNE, Australia (WCBD) – One of the four American tourists killed following a plane crash in Australia Tuesday is a graduate of a South Carolina college.

The Herald Sun confirms Glenn Garland as one of the victims.  According to social media, Garland is a graduate of Clemson University.

In a post dated Monday, February 20, Garland said “played Kingston Heath today and Royal Melbourne yesterday. Really tough and windy conditions and yesterday at Royal Melbourne we had rain squalls, and wind that was almost biblical in the fierceness. The only thing we missed was a plague of locusts. My hat is off to the Aussies that play in this everyday. ‘Melbourne is one magnificent and amazing city.”


Three other victims have been identified as Greg Reynolds De Haven, Russell Munsch, and Max Quartermain. De Haven and Munsch were identified by their families on social media.

De Haven’s sister Denelle Wicht posted on Facebook that her 70-year-old brother had been killed “on a once in a lifetime trip to Australia” with friends.

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