FBI asked to investigate self-defense shooting in Anderson Co. as hate crime

Mackey Shooting

ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – Freedom Fighters Upstate SC says they have submitted a letter to the FBI asking them to investigate the shooting of Pat Charles Mackey as a possible hate crime.

No criminal charges were filed in the shooting because the solicitor ruled the shooting self-defense.

Sheriff McBride, Solicitor Wagner, and investigators met with the Mackey family Friday to explain the decision.

“This is a difficult situation,” stated Sheriff McBride, “My heart goes out to the family but the evidence doesn’t support a criminal charge based on South Carolina state law.”

The 57-year-old Mackey was shot and killed in July of 2016 following a dispute with his next-door neighbor on Leona Drive.

Video was recovered from the residence where the shooting happened.

Below is the letter sent to the FBI

I write you on behalf of Freedom Fighters Upstate SC, an organization based in Greenville SC that promotes unity, peace, justice and accountability. I also write you on behalf of the family of Pat Charles Mackey, who lost his life during an altercation with neighbors. We would like to issue a request for the FBI to investigate the murder of Pat Charles Mackey and consider charging his former neighbors REDACTED and REDACTED with a hate crime.
Pat Charles Mackey was shot multiple times on the evening of July 27, 2016. The shooting occurred during a dispute with his neighbor which was first thought to be over property. However, witnesses state the neighbors taunted Pat Charles Mackey for several years. According to residents in the neighborhood in which the Mackey family have owned their property for over 50 years, the community, which is predominantly African American began to experience threats, harassment and racial name calling from REDACTED and REDACTED. After speaking with numerous eyewitnesses throughout the community we found that REDACTED and REDACTED threatened to buy all the property from under the “negroes”. There were also several incidents where Pat Charles Mackey’s life was threatened. Mr. Mackey’s brother REDACTED told the police that REDACTED and REDACTED would eventually kill his brother but his pleas were ignored.
Pat Charles Mackey had many altercations with his neighbor REDACTED ranging from the shooting of his dog, the neighbors constantly accusing him of being on their property, the neighbor and him both firing weapons and his neighbors calling DHEC about the upkeep of his animals. Law enforcement was called out every time and should have each incident on file. Pat Charles Mackey was taunted and called a n——, harassed, watched and videoed on an almost daily basis by his neighbor REDACTED. The harassment was so severe Pat Charles Mackey left his home and only returned to check his mail and dump items on his property.

Short Summary: On July 27, 2016 REDACTED and his wife began taunting Charles Mackey (Pat) at approximately 4:00pm when he returned to dump his first load of items. The neighbor and his wife walked around to the back of their house where Charles and his friend were unloading the trailer on Charles’ property. REDACTED wife was filming Charles and his friend. Charles’s friend asked whether she was filming or taking pictures. Charles told him not to pay them, the neighbors, any attention because they were crazy. They, neighbor and his wife, didn’t get the response they expected from Charles. Charles left and eventually returned with a second load of items and a different friend to assist in removal of the items. Upon his return Pat Charles Mackey noticed the property line had been torn down and wood was stacked on his property. According to witnesses the men began to argue, REDACTED had his gun aimed at Charles the entire time. The witness told Charles not to pay him any attention because he already had his gun out. Charles said he was tired of this s— and he was going to get his gun. He walked to the rear of his truck and retrieved his gun from the lock box. The witness states that Charles aimed but never got a shot off because as soon as he took aim the neighbor started shooting. The witness took off running through the woods, he stopped and saw the neighbor and his friend walk over to Charles’ land, standing over his body and yelling, “Mother f—–, you should’ve hit what you was aiming at.”
No one has been arrested in this case. Anderson County Solicitor David Wagner ruled this incident self-defense however there were witnesses who were not interviewed that we feel would be detrimental to this case. We request that you contact and interview the following witnesses:


Thank you for your attention to this matter, we would appreciate the opportunity to have a meeting with you in the near future. I will call your office next week to confirm your availability.
Traci Fant,
Organizer Freedom Fighters Upstate SC


  • Mackey backed his truck to the area of the property his property line and his neighbor’s.
  • Mackey approached the yard, waving his hands around and appeared to be having a verbal exchange with someone in the yard. (Due to the camera angles, the property owner and family not visible in footage.)
  • Mackey walked back to his truck, unlocked a padlock on his tool box and removed a rifle.
  • As Mackey is walking back to his truck, a man is seen running away from the truck.
  • Mackey then pointed the rifle in the property owner’s direction and shot what appeared to be more than once. Mackey did not appear to be under distress while retrieving, aiming an d firing the rifle.
  • Mack can then be seen falling to the ground.
  • A couple of minutes later, a neighbor is seen arriving at the scene and he is armed with a long gun. That neighbor lived down the street and heard the shots, along with the sound of a child screaming. The neighbor’s son was on the property playing at the time and he proceeded to the scene to check the well-being of his son.

Investigators say all of the events captured on the video were corroborated by witness statements and evidence on the scene.

According to local activist Traci Fant, Mackey’s family is disappointed in the news and are planning a news conference for Saturday morning to express their anger and dissatisfaction in the investigation.

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