Restaurant wants to take over Platinum Plus location

platinum plus

A new business is working on moving into the former Platinum Plus building in Greenville County.

The owner of the property “Frontage Road Associates” says they are currently in the process of cleaning out the building, so new tenants “Greenville Bistro LLC” can move in.

Greenville Bistro LLC formed a South Carolina business in October 2016, stating that the manager of the business would be Jason Mohney, from Vegas.

Greenville Bistro LLC has filed for two liquor licenses with the South Carolina Department of Revenue, 1 for serving liquor by the drink and the other for selling beer and wine. Greenville Bistro has also filed with Greenville County to operate as a restaurant at 805 Frontage Road.

Greenville County says 805 Frontage Road is zoned to prohibit adult entertainment businesses that operated how Platinum Plus did. County spokesperson Bob Mihalic says that Platinum Plus was allowed to operate as an adult cabaret because of a judge’s consent order. That order was void once Platinum Plus vacated, says Mihalic.

According to court documents from a February hearing, Solicitor Walt Wilkins, along with Mohney, and Frontage Road Associates met to discuss the future business.

Mohney stated that Greenville Bistro had no link to Elephant Inc, the parent company of Platinum Plus.

Mohney also stated that Greenville Bistro is seeking to commence operations of a similar business as Platinum Plus.

Greenville County confirmed that Mohney is connected to adult entertainment empire Deja Vu and Hustler.

Greenville County says that they will do inspections before approving the restaurant license to make sure they will be operating as a restaurant, per normal protocol.

Solicitor Walt Wilkins refused to comment on the hearing or future plans for the building.


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