Hearings set for civil cases against Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp in court Thursday
Todd Kohlhepp in court earlier this month. (WSPA)

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A hearing has been set for a default judgement against Todd Kohlhepp in some civil cases against the accused serial killer.

Todd Kohlhepp is charged with murdering 7 people and holding Kala Brown in a storage container for 2 months.

Kala Brown and the estate of her boyfriend Charlie Carver sued Kohlhepp for personal injury and wrongful death, respectfully.

The mother of Johnny Coxie, another victim found buried on Kohlhepp’s property, is also suing Kohlhepp for wrongful death.

Kohlhepp has not responded to the complaints in the Brown and Carver lawsuits within the respected time, causing their lawyers to ask for a default judgement.

Kohlhepp’s assets are currently being held by a lawyer for Nelson Mullins, that is not involved in the case.

Kohlhepp’s mother Regina Tague has been asked to be removed as a defendant after she was removed as Kohlhepp’s power of attorney.

Lawyers for Carver and Brown state they want to closely examine Kohlhepp’s assets to see if Tague moved any money, before releasing her at power of attorney.

Judge Durham Cole is expected to rule on a default judgement in the case for Brown and Carver’s estate on March 24th at 9:30 in the morning.


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The biological mother of Chris Sherbert, a victim in the Superbike quadruple homicide has filed a suit against Kohlhepp.

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