Tutoring scam gets nearly $4000 from Upstate student

A Taylors teenager is out nearly $4,000 after a scammer found her phone number on a Greenville County Schools’ website and it’s a warning every parent should know.

At Riverside High School, not every student gets asked to become a tutor.

It’s the ones who take AP classes who have been given a form to volunteer to help “other RHS students.”

It says this will be “shared with any RHS parent/student” and “posted on the RHS and Counseling websites.”

“She’s like, ‘Hey Mom, I got contacted and somebody wants me to tutor their kid.’ You know she was super excited about it,” said Jill Cannon.

Her daughter Dahlia is one of those AP students who volunteered. And soon she had a tutoring job lined up with a man who told her he found her information on the RHS website.

He sent her emails about his sick daughter’s story and the tutoring curriculum, and scheduled a place for them to meet.

The emails that follow, describe a check scam that is all too common, unless you’re 17.

“He sent her the wrong check and he needed her to deposit it to put this money into another account, so as soon as she said that I mean my heart just dropped because I knew it was a scam. But a teenager she had no idea. She thought that she was being a good hearted person and doing the right thing”, said Jill Cannon.

Dahlia had honored his request to cash the check and send back the remainder more than $1,600. The next day she had a new check which he once again said was a mistake. Now she’s out $3,730.

“The district tells me they’re warning all of the students who signed up for this tutoring program about the scam. And in the future they’ll require all forms of this nature to have a parent’s signature.”

“I’m heartbroken about it, I really am. I’ve cried for three days about it because I’ve raised my daughter to be a caring person, and maybe in some ways I sheltered,” said Jill Cannon.

Jill Cannon said, “I asked the district if they would cover the loss considering the scammer said he found her number on the school website and they said they’re waiting for the conclusion of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office investigation to help determine how to move forward.

Banks and credit unions say they do train their tellers to keep an eye out for check scams but ultimately it’s the responsibility of the person cashing it to cover any loss of funds.

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