Getaways that will stretch your dollar in 2017

HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The warm temperatures today may have you starting to think about that summer vacation you’re hoping to take. We are helping you stretch your dollar with a look at where the deals are right now if you’re looking to visit someplace new.

If you are looking to get away without breaking the bank, it may be time to get out that bucket list because experts say Europe may be the way to go this year.

AAA Travel Agent Lorie Soltan says if visiting Europe is on your to-do list, now’s the time.

“This year is definitely Europe. 2017 is fantastic for Europe because the Euro is down, also the airline tickets are also lower in cost. So that’s saving people a ton of money when it comes to traveling to Europe,” Soltan said.

Specifically, river cruises are big this year. That’s an all-inclusive opportunity to eat and tour communities less traveled.

As far as travel in the U.S.?

“Hawaii. Hawaii has actually had really, really good pricing right now with tours. You can either do everything independently flying to each of the islands or cruising. Airfare tends to be lower within the last six months or so,” she said.

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