Best things to buy in March

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File)

Stuck somewhere between Valentines Day and Easter with a little Patty’s Day in the middle, March isn’t known for its rock bottom prices. But there are a few surprising discounts that are worth their weight in (Leprechaun) gold.

Here are the Best Buys of March, and what to avoid until later this spring.

1. Luggage

March is a prime month for suitcase discounts according to DealNews.

“I didn’t realize that right now would be the time to buy luggage,” said Spartanburg shopper Kelley Young.

Here’s the reason.  Retailers are trying to boost sales during this post holiday pre-spring vacation time.
2. Gift Cards

Sites like eBay’s gift card mall have begun 20% off sales, and before you buy any gift card for face value in store, you may want to check online.

We caught Jessica Horn in Spartanburg checking out the gift cards today, just in time to let her in on another big savings.

“Normally with gift cards you just think, OK I’m just going to have to get face value. So actually if you do a lot more research you can actually get a lot more, especially with all the babies and weddings and stuff coming up in my life, so it’s going to be great,” said Horn.

3. Frozen Food

March is also national frozen food month and there are lots of brands that are participating. So this is not a made up event. Just look for the deals. Those brands include: Green Giant, Dole, Eggo, Jimmy Dean, Pepperidge Farm, Best Yet, Bob Evans, Safeway, and Tyson.

4. Cold Weather Stuff

Then there are the givens: Any left over cold weather clothing, as well skis and snowboards are on deep discount.

5. Chocolate
You don’t need to be a big spender for this rich reward if you can catch the Valentine’s Day left over deals still out there.

6. High Fashion
Finally, for all you fashionistas, Dealnews says March offers pre-spring discounts on top brand name clothing and shoes.

“Now that I know that this is the month where a lot of the high end stuff will be on sale, probably definitely go there and go shopping,” said Rachel Gee.

7. St. Patricks Day Deals
The festive gear may not be on discount until after the holiday, but many restaurants are offering freebies and bogo deals. Check places like Sonic, IHOP, Einstein Bros and Stewart’s Shops.

To save more, you’ll want to hold off on buying the Spring clothes and lingerie until June or July when those items go on sale.

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