Experts weigh in on Word of Faith Fellowship abuse allegations

Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale (WSPA)

The Associated Press spent over a year investigating the Word of Faith Fellowship church.

43 members outlined mental and physical abuse by the church, although they have denied all of the allegations.

Ben and Micah Cooper, left the church two years ago, they now reflect on what they say was brainwashing and mind control.

Ben Cooper says when he was 16, the church made him live with with people and call them his parents.

The Coopers say their college was chosen for them and the classes they would take. The church would instill a buddy system, where the other was required to tattle if they saw sinful behavior.

Leader of the church, Jane Whaley, decided on marriages and picked out a ring for Micah to wear, according to the Coopers.

Steven Hassan, author of Freedom of the Mind deals specifically with those who are trying to escape from cults. Hassan says he has helped counsel former members of WFF as well.

Hassan had reviewed the Associated Press article and stated, “Any group that has a charismatic figure who claims to be speaking to God and have God’s authority, who controls behaviors thoughts and behaviors fulfills the criteria of a destructive cult.”

Former members of WFF are now reaching out to authorities to try and have them investigate the church’s actions.

7 News reached out to WFF for additional comment, they said they continue to stand by that all allegations are false.

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