Superintendent looks ahead after final referendum forum

LAURENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Laurens School District 55 wrapped up a series of forums about funding a new high school.

A vote to decide on a tax increase for a $109 million bond has been delayed until later in the year.

District leaders say the referendum vote is being pushed back after input from the community.

The superintendent again answered questions at Tuesday’s forum and says a committee of locals will address concerns.

“I’m tired but it’s a good tired,” said Superintendent Dr. Stephen Peters. “I’ve always fought for children, I’m a child advocate for 37 years and nothing changes. Until I take my last breath I’ll be fighting for kids.”

“Just like everybody else my money is allocated to do this that and the other but if it’s going to help my kids on their education, I’ll make the sacrifices that I need to help that,” said Parent Peter Lindley. “I’ve volunteered to be on the committees he’s [Superintendent] asking about so I can help give my input. I’ve got two children that are soon to be high school students in the future so I’d like to see them excel where I might not have.”

The referendum vote has been rescheduled from May to September 5th.

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