U.S. senators push to allow purchase of cheaper drugs from Canada

(Courtesy: KRQE)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KRQE) – Members of Congress are joining forces to stop the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs.

“It is happening because it can happen. The goal of pharmaceutical companies: Make as much profit as they can and to hell with the needs of American people,” Senator Bernie Sanders said.

Sen. Sanders and other leaders have introduced a drug re-importation bill that would allow Americans to buy cheaper prescription drugs from Canada that were initially imported from the U.S.

There has been outrage for years about the high prices of prescription drugs, but that outrage has grown in recent years after a dramatic hike in the price of EpiPens and insulin.

Those against the bill say it poses a safety risk and it’s impossible to be sure drugs returned to the U.S. have not been altered.

While New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich says we have the safest pharmaceutical supply in the world, we also pay far more than any other country.

“Our constituents should not have to choose between safety and being able to access their critical life saving pharmaceutical drugs that they need to maintain their health,” Heinrich said.

Those sponsoring the bill point out that these price hikes have come while the pharmaceutical industry made $50 billion in profits.

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