Upstate flooding an “unexpected” danger from severe weather

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA-TV) – The threat of severe weather puts first-responders on high alert, as well as insurance companies ready to help with damage claims. It’s actually the potential for flooding that worries them the most.

“It doesn’t take much to hydroplane, even if you just hit a patch of water,” said Greenville Police spokesman, Johnathan Bragg. “You could easily lose control of the vehicle, that’s why we make sure the people slow their speeds down when it starts raining”

Bragg reminds Upstate drivers ahead of severe weather to watch for road flooding. If you see standing water, don’t drive through it.

“It’s not hard to make a road flood, especially in Greenville around the areas of the park and stone area.

Insurance agent Dante Russo says your homes are at risk, too, even when you’re not living in a flood plain

“25% of all flood claims come from homes that are not actually in a flood zone,” said Russo. “Flood insurance is never included on your homeowner’s insurance policy and it’s something big that you need to be aware of.”

There’s also a new trend among South Carolina insurance agencies that most policy holders don’t see in the fine print when up for renewal.

“A lot of homeowners insurance companies have actually gone to percentage deductibles on their wind and hail portion of your policies,” said Russo.

This means a 1% deductible on your $300,000 home will cost you $3,000 out of pocket to fix wind and hail damage before insurance kicks in.

“It’s become a common theme in the insurance industry, especially in South Carolina, so really pay attention to your renewal,” said Russo.

The ultimate reminder from Bragg and Russo is to be safe rather than sorry this severe weather season.

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