Group asks for transparency, may protest in Mendez shooting

GREENVILLE CO., SC (WSPA) The group Fighting Injustice Together (FIT) says there is an absence of transparency from the Solicitor’s Office and the Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office in the shooting of Jason Mendez.

They say the Solicitor broke his promise to release or allow the family to listen to the audio tape of the shooting of Mendez by Greenville deputies this week.

The solicitor’s office said it will be a couple of weeks before they release the audio because they are still working on the investigation.

FIT says they may organize a protest if they don’t get answers. They say they hope they won’t have to have a demonstration.

Solicitors released video of Jason Mendez’s last moments before he was shot and killed by Greenville County deputies outside a motel on Mauldin Road.

The video was recorded by Super Lodge Inn security cameras when Mendez, 37, and his girlfriend were staying on February 11. The footage is about 40 minutes long and has no sound but it clearly shows deputies approaching and confronting Mendez who authorities say was driving a stolen car.

One deputy could be seen breaking the driver’s side window with a baton. Within minutes, the deputy fired shots into the vehicle as other deputies pulled Mendez’s girlfriend from the car. The Greenville County Sheriff Office says Mendez was refusing to follow commands and also pointed a gun at them.

Deputies recovered drugs along with a 40-caliber pistol from the car, officials said.

The shooting was not captured on dash camera video, but audio was recorded. That is expected to be released as in a couple of weeks.

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