Loss prevention applicant chases down shoplifters at Home Depot

home depot store front
Courtesy: Home Depot

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – A man applying for a job as a loss prevention officer chased down shoplifting suspects in the parking lot of Home Depot, according to Spartanburg Police.

A clerk said two men got a buggy full of power tools and ran to the parking lot where a driver was waiting for them.

The clerk said a man applying for a loss prevention job chased after them.

White said he chased the men to an SUV and they were throwing the stolen tools into the vehicle.

He said one of the suspects said “put the gun on him” and another suspect motioned to his waistband.

He stopped the chase and the men got away, but not before he got the license plate number.

However, the tag didn’t belong to that vehicle.

Police say they found a New York plate which they thought was left by the suspects, but it didn’t belong to the type of vehicle either.

Police say a customer told them his car was hit by the suspects’ vehicle.

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