Man threatens officers with burning shirt say Spartanburg Police

Tyron Woodruff
Tyron Woodruff

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Spartanburg Police officers say a man hiding in a closet threatened them with a burning shirt.

Police were looking for Tyron Woodruff, a man with 3 shoplifting warrants on Highland Ave.

They swept a home and didn’t find him there.

When they they did a second sweep, they found him in a closet.

They saw clothes but not Woodruff’s hands.

Officers saw smoke coming from the closet and though the person may have been smoking.

Then another officer yelled that they are setting the closet on fire.

The officers backed out into the entry way and Woodruff came out with a shirt on fire by the hanger yelling that he was on fire.

Officers said he was not on fire – it was the shirt and he was trying to get the officers with it.

That’s when they hit him with the Taser.

He went to the ground and they handcuffed him.

The shirt hit a chair and caught it on fire.

Officers took it outside and put it out.

Woodruff is charged with:

Shoplifting =< $2,000 enhanced – (3) Three counts
Trespass after warning
Arson 3rd degree
Assault & Battery – Aggravated

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