Mascots for a Cure visit GHS Hospital

Mascot for a Cure

Sports mascots visited kids at GHS Children’s Hospital today.

It’s all part of a National Movement called Mascots for a Cure.

Sports teams “lace up and twist away” childhood cancer.

Nurses and mascots are doing the twist for 36 seconds to represent how often a new child is diagnosed with cancer.

“We’re going to 36 cities in 48 days it’s exhausting but it’s really honestly nothing compared to what these kids deal with or going through, or their parents, or their siblings.

So to be able to do all this stuff and see their smiles , I mean it’s 100% what makes it the best part of Mascots For a Cure,” said Derek Zinser, CEO and Founder of Mascots for a Cure.

Some of today’s special guests include Brody the Bruin from Bob Jones University and Reedy Rip-It Frog from the Greenville Drive.

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