Beware of emails claiming to be from the IRS

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Taxes are due by April 18 and scammers are using that to their advantage.

They’re sending out emails telling taxpayers to “update information,” and that they need to click an attachment, or link to “get a refund.”

At first glance, the emails look official with the IRS logo, but when you start reading the emails, there are some red flags, like poor grammar and paragraph structure.

IRS representative Raphael Tulino told News 2 someone from the IRS may call you if you continuously ignore letters they’ve sent you in the mail.

“If you ignore the letter cycle long enough, at some point, we may contact you on the phone, but it’s professional and courteous. The difference is the scam calls tend to be threatening and demand immediate tax payment. The IRS will never ask you for an immediate tax payment,” explained Tulino.

If you get a fake email and click the link, you could be downloading malware onto your computer or the link could take you to a website asking you to enter your personal information so scammers can steal your identity.

One scam the IRS is seeing a lot of this year is the W-2 verification scam.

“It’s a scam where somebody is acting like the head of a company directing the email to their HR, asking for tax information on their employees and then they can get that information, the scammer can, and use it within the tax system,” said Tulino.

Tulino told News 2 technology makes it easy for scammers to get our email addresses and phone numbers. That’s why need to protect our information outside the tax system, so scammers can’t get it and use it within the tax system.

If you get an email claiming it’s from the IRS, you can send it to and delete it.

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