From 70’s to snow, what’s up with this weather?

(WSPA) – Last month was the second warmest February on record in the Upstate so when these cold snaps happen, it’s a shock to the system.

This is the second time in less than two weeks we’re seeing the daytime highs drop nearly 20 degrees in 48 hours. And folks are certainly talking about it.

Birds chirping, flowers in bloom, ducklings being, well, adorable: From today’s sunny vantage point, the prospects of snow don’t seem to be ruffling any feathers.

“I love it let it come,” said biker John Presley in Spartanburg. Sure, he’s embracing the sun, but he and his longtime companion, Alf (sitting on the back of his motorcycle) are prepped for any weather.

“He don’t complain if it’s cold, he don’t complain if it rains, he don’t complain if it’s hot,” said Presley.

And it has been hot. Really hot. Four broken records in the last two months.

“What we’re seeing that’s so weird is that we’ve seen temperatures so extreme, so warm that we’re setting records in February and now we’re seeing that pattern where now it’s going colder in a very short amount of time, so yeah, that is rather unusual,” said 7news Meteorologist Malachi Rodgers.

If folks are complaining about anything, it’s just that an early spring rushes the onset of allergies and mosquitoes.

For farmers like Steve Lawter who owns Rocky Ridge Vineyard in Inman, the fear of frost is a deeper concern.

“We are at the mercy now of the good lord and mother nature,” said Lawter.

But for a two-year-old Benjamin Hayes out on a stroll with his Nana, and for a guy gone fishin’ like Matt Audrenick, the unusual winter, that has looked more like spring may be confusing.

‘I hope it snows, because I’ll take a day of snow the same way I’ll take a day of warm weather,” said Audrenick.

Sure, it’s confusing.

“I don’t know what’s happening to the climate,” said Presley.

But most people, are taking it in stride.

“There’s nothing we can really do about it but accept the facts,” said Lawter.

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