Protestors against “silence” declare “victory” as Clemson takes stance against Trump travel ban

credit: Chenjerai Kumanyika

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA-TV) – Protestors wanting Clemson University to take a stronger stance on President Trump’s immigration ban have declared “victory”.

An email to faculty this week, outlined steps being taken by the school to ask that the law be reconsidered.

The protesters are faculty members who’ve been campaigning against what they call “silence” from the university for the last 27 days. They say this more pointed response from Clemson shows their actions worked.

“It takes a community to speak out. It takes protest and it takes resistance,” said Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika, professor and protest organizer of the “Campaign Against Silence.”

The email to faculty explained campus agencies will ask the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service to reconsider the travel suspension “in light of the disruptions it may cause for universities, hospitals and other cap exempt institutions.”

“It’s really exciting and it shows that they are willing to take a political stance on behalf of their international scholars,” said Kumanyika.

Kumanyika joined faculty members Todd May and Jumah Tahweh in a fast, student march and concert against perceived university silence this last month.

“The administration is finally feeling the pressure that they need to feel in order to make the kind of statement they need to make,” said May.

The University tells 7 News that they have fought for the well being of their international students and faculty from the beginning.
They even pointed to a letter they signed, as well as many other schools, through the association of public and land grant universities. It expresses concern over the travel ban and asks the law be reconsidered.

Kumanyika said they wanted Clemson to voice their own opposition like other universities including Harvard and Yale.

“Saying you’re concerned is not the same as saying you need to reconsider this policy and that’s what they said yesterday and that’s what we’re so excited about,” he said.

Clemson University told 7 News the letter to faculty this week was just a continued breakdown of their response to this law and they will continue to fight for students and faculty that could be affected.

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