School’s sleep schedule suggestion goes viral, divides parents

(WSPA) – It’s three days after the time change and a lot of us are feeling it but it’s often the kids who suffer the most.

Teachers can really tell the difference but one school district’s post on sleep schedule recommendations has gone viral with more than 400,000 shares.

It’s sparked some pretty passionate feedback – not all of it positive.

Some parents see the Wisconsin Elementary School’s Facebook post in black and white for the “helpful information” it claims to be.

Others are red all over with comments like “you’re the boss” and “in a perfect world, this would be great.”

“That just to me seems very unrealistic,” says Robert Carson.

If Robert Carson followed the chart, he says his 5-year-old’s 9:00pm bed time would be pushed back to 7:30pm.

And for the kids her age that need to get up by 6:00am, the bedtime is more like 6:45pm.

“I do think it’s wishful thinking,” says Carson.

Hadley Inabinet, whose baby Marylewis gets the recommended 16 hours of sleep – including naps – is a firm believer in an early bedtime.

“I’m more of a schedule person anyway so I’ll probably be a little more on the stricter side,” says Inabinet.

Sleep expert Shari Angel Newman recommends you can use daytime performance as a litmus test.

“How well are they performing in school? How is their actual performance, their cognitive performance?” says Newman. “All of these things can be affected by sleep deprivation.”

And it’s not just quantity to consider. Too many gadgets exposing kids to blue light before bed can affect the quality of sleep.

Inabinet, a middle school teacher, says she’s seen too many 12-year-old’s with baggy eyes.

“And I’ll ask them how much sleep they got and they will say, oh we were up studying until midnight and we hardly got any sleep,” says Inabinet. “And I’ll say, ‘well it shows.'”

But in a world with working parents, late practices and never enough family time, the division is understandable.

For some a wake up call, and others chasing a dream.

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