Upstate woman to compete in World Masters track events


A Spartanburg County woman is getting ready to take off for the World Masters Track and Field competition in South Korea.

Nonie Hudnall is 67-years-old, but she doesn’t let age define her.

“You see people my age who are taking medication for high blood pressure and running can really keep you healthy!” said Hudnall.

At the age of 40, Hudnall was invited by a friend to run a race, with no training, she placed in her age group. Now running is a passion for Hudnall.

She holds several world records and is heading to the Masters event to run in 5 races.  The event is an international track and field competition for people ages 30 and up.

Hudnall hopes her story inspires others to hit the streets and start running! “I’d like more running companions!” said Hudnall.

Hudnall leaves March 18th for the competition.

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