2 men accused of stealing four wheelers in Union Co.

Troy Tilmann Gilreath
Troy Tilmann Gilreath is custody

UNION, SC (WSPA) – Two men are accused of stealing several four wheelers in Union Co.

The search is on for David Matthew Upchurch, according to Cherokee Co. Sheriff’s Office.

They say Troy Tilmann Gilreath has already in custody.

The first incident happened on North 2nd St in Lockhart on 3/16 around midnight

The owners said someone had come into his fence during the night and tried o take his four wheeler.

He say he found the four wheeler in the back alley a couple of streets down from the where it was taken.

The second incident happened on Mt. Tabor Church Rd. in Union around 6 a.m.

That victim says someone went into his building and removed several four wheelers and tried to removed 3 others.

He said 2 battery jump boxes were also taken.

The third incident happen on 3/16 at 6:45 a.m. at the intersection of Lewis Dr. and Mt. Tabor Church Rd. in Union.

They victim said his wife called him because someone was trying to steal his other four wheeler that were chained at his residence.

The man said he passed a man on one of the four wheelers that went down Lewis Dr. He says he followed the four wheeler into a field where it crashed into a fence line.

They fourth incident happened on 3/16 on Mt. Tabor Church Rd. in Union.

The victim said someone had taken the four wheeler from his shed. That four wheeler was recovered.

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