Kohlhepp served lawsuit by families of ‘Superbike murder’ victims

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp
Todd Christopher Kohlhepp

Spartanburg, S.C. (WSPA) – Murder suspect Todd Kohlhepp is facing another lawsuit, this time from family members of the Superbike Motorsports killings that took place in 2003.

Three of the four victim’s families involved in the homicide filed the lawsuit Friday, claiming both physical and emotional damage were caused by Kohlhepp’s actions.

The primary claims presented in the lawsuit are for present and future medical expenses for the victims as well as their families related to this case, to cover legal costs, and any additional damages to the family that is deemed necessary in court to be repaid.

Kohlhepp was also served with a lawsuit by the family estates of Charlie Carver and Johnny Coxie, who were found buried on his property by law enforcement. An additional lawsuit was filed by Kala Brown, Carver’s girlfriend, who was kept captive in a storage container also located on Kohlhepp’s property.


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