Upstate lawmakers: people need to prepare for the worst

SPARTANBURG CO, SC (WSPA) – Two Upstate lawmakers say people need to be getting ready for the “worst case scenario.” They’ve taken to the internet to spread their message, and are now getting some state-wide attention.

Representatives Johnathon Hill, R-Townville, and Josiah Magnuson, R-Campobello, created the Virtue Solution Project. They say the goal is to create a more unified community and to help people prepare for the worst.

“What if situations can happen,” says Magnuson.

Magnuson says “preparedness” in his eyes comes from what he calls “micro-hubs” where people are trained in the basic skills like cooking and first aid.

“There’s some people who they think of preparedness, they think of ‘The end is near, let’s all run and hide.’ That’s not what this is at all,” he says. “This is more of the idea of building a mission or a ministry so that if there is some kind of emergency in the community, we’re prepared for it.”

Magnuson says the next step is to build up the micro-hubs around the Upstate. Right now he is in the fundraising phase to get the coffee shop in Campobello up and running by the summer.

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