NC deputy struggles to evict fuzzy seat thief

(Nash County Sheriff's Office)

NASHVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Nash County Deputy Jamel Winstead wasn’t sure what to expect when he got out of his patrol car outside of Spring Hope.

There was a dog, which looked like a pit bull, barking at him. When Winstead got out of the car, the pit bull calmed down, but another dog, previously unseen, pounced.

On the nice warm seat Winstead had just vacated, that is.

“It was real cold that day,” Winstead recalled.

He added, “The dog just would not move.”

Winstead wasn’t able to coax the dog out of the car, so he snapped a photo.

The dog kept trying to lick the face of the person riding along in the car, Winstead said.

It wasn’t until Winstead walked away from the car that the dog hopped out and tailed along behind him.

The dog wasn’t a stray, Winstead said, and stayed at its home when the deputy left.

The Nash County Sheriff’s Office had some fun posting the incident to Facebook.

“No arrests were made in the incident but we hope everyone learned a lesson,” the statement read.

Officials tagged the post #nofreerides.

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