Upstate yoga instructor wants to help first responders

Yoga for First Responders
Yoga for First Responders

ANDERSON CO, SC (WSPA) – On September 28, 2016, the city of Townville was hit with tragedy when a teenager opened fire on the school’s playground, killing Jacob Hall. Many are still working to move on, including the first responders.

One Upstate yoga instructor wants to help first responders cope with this tragedy, and any other incidents they have to deal with on the job.

Jamie Lazar works as a telecommunicator for Anderson County. On September 28, she was one of several people getting the panicked and frantic calls from Townville Elementary. It’s a day, that’s stayed with her for months.

“I was having nightmares, I was having chest pain driving to work. I was having hesitation when the phone rang to answer the calls,” she says. “I knew something had to change.”

Jamie tried traditional counseling, but found better relief through yoga. Now she wants to help others in her same situation.

“Something just clicked and I have all of these tools, I need to start practicing what I preach every week,” Lazar says. “I can really offer something that can help these responders kind of slow down that constant state of hyper-vigilance that we live in.”

The free yoga classes would be a way for first responders to calm down after a stressful shift, and another way to prepare for the worst.

“Everybody has bad days at work, but our bad days are when somebody dies, and that sticks with you,” she says. “They train their bodies, they train in defense, but this is training the mind.”

For more information on Respondzen or to donate, click here.

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