School district sends warning about social media posts after incident

Anderson School District 5 says they sent a reminder home to parents about student’s posts on Social Media after an incident of a student posing with an air-soft gun.

They say a McCants Middle School student posted a photo of himself on holding an airsoft gun with the orange tip removed.

They say students told school authorities and they search the boy the next day and found nothing,

They say parents also received an email reminding them that social media posts can impact the school environment and could result in punishment.

“McCants was never in harm’s way, our investigation points towards a middle school student taking a very foolish and immature picture and posting it on social media,” said Newton, director of external affairs for the school district.

“Attached is the latest parent newsletter and a copy of the Southwood audition brochure, in case your child plans to audition for classes there.
In addition, I would like to inform you that we have had another incident involving an Airsoft gun (not a real gun). A student at McCants posted a picture of this gun on social media during the evening hours yesterday. Several students saw this picture, told their parents, and a parent contacted school personnel. We detained this student before he entered the building this morning, searched him, and found no weapons. Disciplinary action has been taken. Just so you will know, we take all instances of weapons seriously, whether or not they are real. The two instances we have had this year both involved Airsoft guns that have the orange tip removed. This orange tip identifies the gun as an Airsoft gun, not a real gun. When someone removes this orange tip, the only reason for doing so is to make it look like a real gun. If your child has one of these Airsoft guns, please check to make sure it still has the orange tip attached and warn them never to post a picture of a weapon on a social media site. Please ask your child to follow the “See something, Say something” philosophy. If they see anything that may be a safety issue, please encourage them to tell us. We keep all informants’ identities confidential.
Thank you to the students and parent who contacted us about this social media incident. We do not mind investigating any potential danger. Let me know if you have any further questions.”

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