Former Clemson players pulling for Gamecocks?

(WSPA) — The Gamecocks are heading to the final this week after defeating Florida 77-70 in Madison Square Garden, and it looks like the team is getting support from unlikely source.

Former Clemson football players, Shaq Lawson and Ben Boulware both congratulated the team’s win on Sunday. Lawson tweeted, “Clemson fans salty that Carolina is going to the final four. Nothing but love for the home state team.

Courtesy: @Shaq_Lawson90

And Boulware also tweeting, “Not a fan of the Gamecocks but I am fan of our state.”

Courtesy: @benboulware7

The Anderson native did face some criticism from tigers fan but Boulware stood his ground and later tweeted, “I want the state of South Carolina to own the College sports world by wining the natty in all 3 sports.”

The Gamecocks will take on Gonzaga Saturday in Phoenix.





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