Top auto industry experts meet at Clemson ICAR campus

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Some of the auto industry’s top experts met at Clemson’s ICAR campus Tuesday to discuss the latest ideas on the future of transportation.

They say the Greenville campus is really helping define the future of transportation because of all the research happening there.

“Really those fundamentals, we’re on the precipice of changing those, where we might use cars, but we may not own them,” says Douglas Haugh, president of Mansfield Energy. “They may not run on liquid fuels. We don’t know what those trends look like, but it’s becoming clearer by a lot of the work that he ICAR guys are doing here with their industry partners from Michelin and BMW. It’s a fantastic place.”

He says at the rate things are going, he expects to see more changes in the auto industry over the next 10 years than we’ve seen in the last 100.

The event spans two days at the campus featuring speakers from across the industry.

Speakers at the event also included Julian Weber from BMW, James Szybist of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Shyam Jade of Bosch, and others.

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