BI-LO introduces new rewards program after ending Fuelperks

(WSPA) – A widely popular Upstate grocery store rewards card is coming to an end.
BI-LO’s Fuelperks are ending which means its customers can no longer get discounts on gas from Spinx.
It marks the split of a long-standing relationship between two companies that both got their start in the Upstate.
But consumers have no fear there are other options that can continue the savings.
“We introduced it to Bi-lo,” said Spinx President Stan Storti. He admits, ending it wasn’t their choice.
“We don’t want to see it go,” he said.
BI-LO FuelPerks rewards members like Cynthia McGee had enjoyed knowing that grocery shopping meant saving at her favorite gas station.
“I mean, I hate that it’s changing, nobody likes change,” she said.
BILO says it’s about the numbers.  Fuelperks users are in decline. Spinx agrees, even though its gas customers are rising.
“We saw redemptions drop by about 13% in 2016 meanwhile our total fuel gallons, the amount of volume that we do in our stores, actually increased by about 2 and 1/2%,” said Storti.
What’s also on the rise is Spinx’s own rewards program called Xtras. It offers at least 5 cents off per gallon for every $25 you spend in its convenience stores. Customers who link the card to their debit account get an additional 5 cents off per gallon they spend at the pump.
How much you save, of course, depends on how much you spend inside. Spinx told me last month its rewards customers saved 33 cents a gallon, compared to 28 cents for Fuelperks users.
As for Bilo, it’s launching a new rewards program called Plenti. You can cash in points, not just at gas stations like Mobil and Exxon, but retailers like Macy’s, Rite Aid and AT&T.
Driving customers, like Cheryl Hopper, who don’t do rewards cards to reconsider.
“Yeah, I’m going to get that card, cause I was like, it’s going to be worth it because it’s not just the one store,” said Hopper.
For more details, see the Q&A below:
Q: Why is BI-LO leaving fuelperks!?
A: We have learned that most of our customers don’t use the fuelperks! program and the number of our customers using the program are in decline.
Because we’re committed to providing our customers with a loyalty program that delivers true value and flexibility, we are incredibly excited to upgrade to a program that we believe is more flexible and more appealing for our loyal customers – BI-LO Rewards with Plenti! It allows our customers to save on gas and groceries when they buy gas and groceries, and the points don’t expire for two years!
Q: How does it work?
A: Customers can conveniently link their current rewards cards with a new BI-LO Rewards with Plenti® card at their neighborhood BI-LO or online. Customers can then fully register online to easily start earning points in the store by using the card! It’s also just as easy to redeem points when purchasing groceries – just swipe your loyalty card and we’ll tell you how many points you have available to redeem.
Customers will be able to earn Plenti points just by shopping in store, plus there will be bonus points on more than 1,000 products when the program launches.
Q: Why have you chosen Plenti?
A: We know our customers are hardworking families on a budget and we know they can benefit from flexible savings on everything from household supplies to gas. Plenti™ has many partners that are known as the very best in their respective industries and can provide the flexibility our customers have requested. Plenti’s partners, such as ExxonMobil, AT&T, Nationwide Insurance, Hulu, Chili’s, Macy’s and more –all have an established presence in the Southeast and lots of success with the Plenti loyalty rewards program.
(Credit: Sharry Cramond, Chief Marketing Officer, Southeastern Grocers)

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