Calhoun Falls offers police chief position to Richard Coleman of GA

Calhoun Falls, S.C. (WSPA) – The Town of Calhoun Falls has considered five applicants for their open position of police chief and offered the job to Richard S. Coleman of Savannah, GA Wednesday.

The five applicants for the police chief position were interviewed in an executive session at the Town Council Meeting on Monday.

Coleman is currently the Captain and Operations Commander over Patrol/Criminal Investigations with the Wadley City Police Department in Georgia. He has served in a variety of law enforcement positions including Interim Chief, Assistant Chief, Operations Commander, Chief of Internal Affairs, Investigator and Community Relations Officer.

Coleman is married, a father of three and has served 23 years in police service.

Mayor Johnny Waller said, “While all of the candidate’s interviews were impressive in their own rights, Mr. Coleman convinced Council that he was the most qualified and best fit for Calhoun Falls. We believe that Mr. Coleman’s vision for the Calhoun Falls Police Department aligns with ours and have full confidence that he will be able to rebuild the department in a sustainable way.”

Coleman will be tasked with maintaining officer retention while bolstering the effectiveness of the department for the good of the citizens Calhoun Falls and those that choose to visit.

Calhoun Falls Town Administrator David Garner stated, “Mr. Coleman will have all of the tools that he needs to be successful in this position and the full support of the administration in his plans for the future of the police department.”

The terms and start date are still being discussed between the Town of Calhoun Falls and Coleman. He has not officially accepted the position at this time.

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