Kidney donation setback leads to more miracles

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – An altar call at church started Susan Jacobs and Mike Smith on an unlikely journey. Jacobs prayed for a kidney. Smith felt called to answer that need.

“I heard very, very clearly that this is what I had to do,” Smith explained. “I had to give my kidney to her.”

After the news came that he was a perfect match, Jacobs had a setback when a medical procedure caused complications. He decided to donate anyway, to allow her to receive someone else’s kidney.

“I was disappointed when I got the blood transfusion and I found out that he wasn’t a match,” Jacobs said, “but there really never was a moment where I wasn’t sure whether he was going to still give on my behalf because he had told me from the beginning that he would.”

A few weeks ago, Jacobs and Smith were both called in to MUSC in Charleston. Jacobs received a kidney from Colorado. Smith’s went to a 22-year-old in California.

“Him giving the kidney allowed me to get one that day,” Jacobs explained.

“It’s just amazing to think about the scope of everybody involved,” Smith said. “It’s unbelievable.”

They hope their story will inspire others to become living donors for the many more still waiting for that prayer to be answered.

“God called him to do it and he was obedient to God but he said yes, and that changed my life and gave me my life back,” Jacobs said. “If you’re looking for something significant to do with your life there is nothing more significant that you could do than to give part of yourself so somebody else could have a life.”

Jacobs plans to write a children’s book for kids whose parents are on dialysis. Smith is an illustrator and plans to draw the pictures for that book.

Woman meets “miracle match” kidney donor at Upstate church


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