Man stole $35k in jewelry while housesitting

Joseph Scotto
Joseph Scotto

ASHEVILLE – A man who stole $35,000 in jewelry will spend more than 6 years in prison, according to the Buncombe Co. District Attorney’s Office.

Joseph Scotto, 44, of Taylorsville pleaded guilty to Obtain Property by False Pretenses, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny, and admitting to having attained the status of Habitual Felon.

A habitual felon is convicted of three prior felony offenses in separate non-overlapping adjudications, prior to committing a fourth felony offense, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Police say Scotto was housesitting for the victim.

When the victim returned, the house was in disarray and the jewelry was missing.

They say Scotto pawned much of the jewelry.

The court ordered Scotto to pay $20,382.86 to the victim in restitution.

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