NC Gov., House Republicans make last-minute deal to repeal HB2

RALEIGH, N.C. (WBTV) – North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and Republican leadership in the House of Representatives reached a last-minute agreement to repeal House Bill 2, WBTV reports.

The decision was made late Wednesday afternoon.

When the House Republicans and Democrats were discussing the deal on Wednesday, it was not immediately clear whether the majority of each caucus supported the deal, WBTV says.

According to the CBS-affiliate, the agreement reached between Gov. Cooper and House Speaker Tim Moore would repeal HB2, reset bathroom access to pre-HB2 standards, and would prevent local governments from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances. They say this prevention would last at least through the year 2020.

The deal did not include a referendum requirement on local non-discrimination ordinances, WBTV says. It also didn’t include any language regarding religious freedom.

News of the repeal agreement came just hours before an NCAA deadline that required state leaders to either repeal HB2 or lose the opportunity to host any college championships for the next five years, according to WBTV.

The NCAA will announce the sites of the basketball championships on Thursday.

WBTV says the deal also came less than 24 hours after House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate Republican leader Phil Berger quickly called a press conference to announce that their caucuses were ready to make an agreement in principal that they claimed was first put forth by Cooper, but then, later, retracted.

Gov. Cooper and Moore said they were hopeful a deal could be made.

A timeline for considering any legislation as a result of the deal reached between Cooper and Republicans is unclear at this time.

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