Samsung unveils Galaxy S8 and S8+, aim to make phones safer

(WFLA) – After a year of bad press from exploding smartphones, Samsung has risen from the ashes, unveiling two new smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and the slightly bigger S8+.

The new phones boast big design changes—they’ve gotten rid of the large home button to allow for a bigger screen display; the edges are curved; they’re water-resistant; and there’s still a standard headphone jack, meaning customers won’t need to worry about buying a new pair or earbuds or plugging in a special adapter.

They’ve also introduced Siri’s newest competition, Bixby, the phones’ new built-in assistant, which answers your questions and even helps you shop online using the phones’ camera. If you take a picture of an item, Bixby can tell you its cost, where you can buy it and other details.

Their new “DeX” accessory turns the phones into PCs when you plug them into a monitor and a keyboard. And the phone also comes with virtual reality software.

Due to a recall of Samsung products after reports of exploding phones, the new phones’ batteries have undergone a rigorous, 8-point safety check, according to a company’s spokesman to ensure the batteries are safe.

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