VIDEO: School bus was recklessly passed on the right in Greenville Co.

Used with permission by Greenville Co. Schools.
Used with permission by Greenville Co. Schools.

GREENVILLE Co., SC (WSPA) – A driver was caught on camera recklessly passing a stopped school bus.

Greenville County Schools released the video Wednesday and called the bus driver a hero for stopping children from crossing the road when the driver passes on the right – in the grass with no shoulder.

The school district posted the video on Facebook along with this message:

“Sadly, what you are about to watch is not uncommon. Greenville County drivers regularly disregard school bus stop arms. We don’t often post video from our buses, but what happened this morning on Highway 418 was so shocking, we felt we must share. We are thankful for the watchful eye of our bus driver who held her hand up and kept children from crossing the road. She is a hero.
Stop. Be aware. Protect our students. Never pass a bus with an extended stop sign.”

The S.C. Highway Patrol is asking for help to identify the driver.

Anyone with information is asked to call 864-241-1000.

District leaders said they are always looking for more drivers like Marilyn Masters, as the district continues dealing with a bus driver shortage.

You can find information about applying by calling (864) 355-1289 or visiting the district’s website.

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