Documents reveal details about Kohlhepp’s time behind bars

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp
Todd Christopher Kohlhepp

Documents just released from the Arizona Department of Corrections reveal details about accused serial killer Todd Kohlhepp’s time behind bars.

Kohlhepp was convicted of raping a girl at gunpoint, while she was duct taped in Arizona in 1986. Kohlhepp was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for  a kidnapping charge.

During the first four years behind bars, Kohlhepp received 9 infractions, most of them minor.

Documents reveal that Kohlhepp was disciplined for several minor infractions, including having a box of Corn Flakes in his cell, “thumbing” at correction officers, and missing from his cell at checks.

Those documents also show that he was disciplined for “horseplay” with another inmate over a fight about a screwdriver.

Documents that would reveal details about major infractions, were redacted.

After 1991, Kohlhepp was never disciplined in the next 10 years, but he was vocal about several issues.

Kohlhepp wrote dozens of letters to jail administration about his Maxim magazines being confiscated, being given socks that holes in them, and mail issues.

Kohlhepp said that boxes of food that he was set to receive were never delivered, and money that he was sending to his mother for bills was not being sent.

Kohlhepp also stated through an appeal for a shorter sentence that he was participating in therapeutic programs, even helping other inmates.

Those appeals for a shorter sentence were denied.

Upon release, documents show that Kohlhepp was instructed to enroll in the sex offender’s registry in the state that he would be moving to, which we now know is South Carolina.

Kohlhepp stated in documents that he hoped to be a productive and responsible member of society.


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