Anderson officer facing 4th excessive force complaint, now lawsuit


The Anderson Police Department is facing a lawsuit, after a man says he was violently arrested by one of their officers.

Brian Franks was arrested by officer Colin Martin in October 2015. Franks says that he was violently shoved to the ground, injuring his face, causing thousands of dollars in medical bills.

The lawsuit claims that Anderson Police should have known about Martin’s past excessive force suspensions and investigations.

Through a records request we learned that Martin had been suspended twice in six months for excessive force. That included an incident where Martin slammed a woman’s head on a car so hard it created a dent.

Martin resigned from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and went to Iva Police Department. In 2012, Martin was investigated by SLED for an excessive force complaint during an arrest after a chase. Martin was cleared in that case.

From records we learned Anderson Police reported they only checked with Iva Police for his background.

The lawsuit is asking for medical bills to be paid along with punitive damages.

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