Clemson community helps custodian whose truck was stolen

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – The Clemson community is helping out an employee after his truck was stolen while he was hard at work on campus.

Bobby Roach has been on the custodial staff for the past 11  years. He was at work last week, when his truck was stolen outside Brackett Hall.

Roach found himself with no way to get to work or back home. One day he walked nearly four miles, when he couldn’t find a ride.

“It’s really made me appreciate more what he does for the university and just someone who genuinely cares about the students,” explained student Christopher Bondura. “If you’ve had a class in Brackett, you’ve seen Bobby. He’s always walking around the hallways, got a big smile on his face.”

Bondura’s professor, Dr. Marjie Britz decided to start a gofundme to help Roach.

In just the past few days dozens of donations have added up to more than $4,000.

“Hopefully we can get him a decent truck to get him back on his feet and get Bobby back where he needs to be,” Bondura said.

Roach also kept his tools in his truck that he used for landscaping. The group is accepting tools at 138 Brackett Hall.

If you’d like to help, click here.



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