Record-breaking crowd for Easter service at Chimney Rock

CHIMNEY ROCK, N.C. (WSPA) – More than 1500 people flocked to Chimney Rock for the annual Easter sunrise service.

Chimney Rock State Park officials told 7News that’s the most people they’ve ever had at the service since the annual tradition started 62 years ago.

The service included an interdenominational service with prayer, singing and bagpipe music.

It was all timed to coincide with the sunrise on Sunday.

People in attendance were in awe of the beautiful sermon and breathtaking views.

“It’s gorgeous. I love the view of the lake and on Easter morning. What better time to appreciate all the beauty?” said Julie Albin, a first time attendee who just moved to Hendersonville.

“We really do enjoy it. It is a great time to come together as a church family and worship God together out here, among a whole bunch of people, a whole bunch of believers,” said Eric Keel, a singer who has performed at this service for the last 10 years.


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