Robbery suspect caught by cop waiting in McDonald’s drive-thru

Michael Eisel

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A suspect accused of robbing a man in an Ohio McDonald’s didn’t make it very far after leaving the restaurant.

According to Columbus police, 32-year-old Michael Eisel tried to grab a 68-year-old man’s wallet as the victim left the restroom Wednesday afternoon. Eisel and the victim fought, and the victim was knocked to the ground.

As the robbery was happening, police said Sgt. Nick Konves was going through the drive-thru. He heard people yelling and saw some people run out of the restaurant.

Sgt. Konves was able to catch Eisel and get the victim’s wallet back in short order.

Eisel was arrested and charged with robbery.

“The victim was in town from Lancaster to help out family. For this to happen, he was holding a cane, I’m glad I was there to help,” said Sgt. Konves.

Police said after the arrest, Konves was able to order the fish sandwich he wanted in the first place.

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