Mauldin High students duct tape teacher to raise money

Some Mauldin High Students got to duct tape their teacher to the wall, but it wasn’t just to be cruel.

7news Photojournalist Kevin Patton caught the sights and sounds.

“Come on Duct tape a teacher for DECA Club. Fifty Cents for one strip, 2 for a dollar.”

“Come on pay your dollar.”

“We are doing this fundraiser right now to help raise money for our trip to California for the national DECA competition.
We sat at lunch for about a week and had bins of teachers that could have been duct taped onto the wall. Mr. Alewine won that competition and raised the most money out of all of the teachers.

“Where’s your dollar?”

“You can’t take a picture unless you pay. That’s free, we don’t do free!”

“He’s notorious for cracking down on people for dress code. ”

“Uh, Uh Put that ID on. Come here, come here. ”

“He’s always talking about put you ID on, or like pull up your pants or something. ”

“Why do you not have your ID on? Come closer, where’s your dollar?”

“A lot of kids have been busted by Mr Alewine the past couple of years, so it’s kind of getting back at him, kind of I guess evening the playing field a little bit.”

“Did you ever make that pecan pie for me?”

I can’t. Why, not? DId you burn that pecan pie. Yes. Do you have a dollar?

I have a 20 do you have change? Yeah, we will make change.

I really have a good relationship with them. I’m just like consistent. They kind of know if they don’t do something they are supposed to be doing.

I’m going to be right there on them. But I do try to praise them a good bit.

I enjoy this. I like to have a good time and they were having a good time. They paid for it, so it’s ok.

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