Todd Kohlhepp faces 7th lawsuit

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp
Todd Christopher Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp, an accused serial killer, is now facing a 7th lawsuit.

The biological mother of Chris Sherbert, a victim in the Superbike quadruple homicide has filed a suit against Kohlhepp.

Spartanburg County deputies say that Kohlhepp admitted to shooting at killing the four people at the bike shop in 2003.

In the survival action lawsuit, they are claiming that the mother of Sherbert should be awarded punitive damages and relief for the death of Sherbert.

Kohlhepp was arrested for killing several people including Charlie Carver, Johnny Coxie, Meagan Coxie, and the four victims at Superbike. Kohlhepp is also facing charges for the sexual assault and kidnapping.

Family members of the Superbike murders, family members of Charlie Carver, Kala Brown, the family of Johnny Coxie, the fencing company, and a renter all filed suits against Kohlhepp.


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