Cats shot in Biltmore Forest, reward offered


ASHEVILLE, NC (WSPA) – Investigators are looking for the person who shot two cats, according to Biltmore Forest Police.

They say one cat has made a full recovery after it shot in January with rat shot or a 22 rifle.

Another cat appears to have been shot twice with a BB gun.

They say that shooting happened earlier this month.

Both shootings happened with a half mile of each other on Vanderbilt Road, according to police.

Detectives are investigating and talking with people in the area.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue has partnered with the owners of the cats to offer a $2,500 reward.

“The cold-bloodedness of these crimes indicates what a danger this person is to all of us,” said Eric Phelps, field operations manager for Brother Wolf. “Someone knows who did this, and will be doing a service to everyone by stepping forward.”

If you have any information, call Biltmore Forest Police at (828) 274-0822.

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