Child beaten after hair-cutting incident in Greenwood, man arrested

John Paul Raines
John Paul Raines

GREENWOOD, SC (WSPA) – A man is accused of beating a child after a hair cutting incident, according to Greenwood Police.

They say John Paul Rains, 23, is charged with Unlawful Conduct Toward Child.

Police say they met with a victim’s advocate who brought a child that had bruises.

The officer said they saw redness, bruising and what appeared to be burn marks to the boy’s face.

The injury was red and appeared to be burned from being hit with extreme force, according to the officer.

The officer also said there were long red marks to his stomach and torso.

The boy said he was home when Raines got upset with him for cutting his and his sister’s hair.

He said Raines put him on the floor and sat on top of him.

He told police that Raines started hitting him with a belt on the face and legs.

The boy’s mom told deputies she was mowing grass when she came inside and found the boy and girl after the hair cutting.

She said she was mad and walked outside to collect herself.

When she came back in Raines was hitting the boy in the face and legs, according to the report.

She told deputies she begged for Raines to stop, but he wouldn’t.

She said she called someone to pick up the boy and she was getting belongings together so she could get her and her kids to a safe place.

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