KFC murder suspects accused of Domino’s Pizza robbery in Wellford

Jyquez Julius Freeman, De’adrian De’paul Garcia

WELLFORD, SC (WSPA) – The two men accused of murdering a KFC employee in Spartanburg have been charged with robbing Domino’s Pizza in Wellford.

De’adrian De’paul Garcia, 19, and Jyquez Julius Freeman, 18, are charged with murder, two counts of armed robbery, four counts of kidnapping and possession of a weapon during a violent crime, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office.

They say Garcia confessed to the armed robbery and murder of Anthony Tiffany at the KFC on Cedar Springs Road.

The latest charge is from Wellford Police Department.

Wellford police charged the duo for an armed robbery that happened on April 6 at the Domino Pizza at 311 Spartanburg Road.

The report says a delivery driver was coming back to the store when he saw two guys on their knees.

He told police he thought it was a joke until he saw a guy with a rag around his face come around the corner pointing a gun.

The driver said he ducked down and drove back to the road to flag down a cop that he saw on a traffic stop.

An employee said he was told to get on his knees in front of the oven. He said after a few minutes he was moved to the front of the store and they began to ask about the safe.

The store manager said the two men wore all black with black scarves around their faces and had on purple gloves.

He was told to open the safe, but instead he reset it so it would not open until after a couple minutes.

One employee said a suspect got impatient and shot the safe four times.

He said a suspect told them if they saw cops they would “Shoot one of us.”

He said the suspects left through the back of the store and came to the drive-through and continued to hold a gun on them until they saw police pull into the parking lot.

Then they ran off.

Police say they met with the suspects and Garcia confessed to the robbery.

He told them he committed the crime with Jyquez Freeman, according to the report.

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