SCAM ALERT: That parking ticket could be a fake

FILE PHOTO Credit jzlomek on

As if it wasn’t bad enough to see a bright orange parking tickets on your car, now you have to figure out if it’s really real.

Reports of fake parking tickets are popping up from Wisconsin to Utah. Scammers are creating fake payment websites that look like their run by a city.

Turns out the bright envelopes, and official looking notices are easy to buy online on sites like eBay, and that’s just the start.

The lightweight handheld printers similar to the ones many parking enforcers use are being sold on the internet for relatively cheap.

“There’s no lengths these people will go to scam people, I mean now it’s the parking tickets. What’s next?,” said driver Lee Duran.

Brittany Moore, with Greenville’s Parking Services says most cities have a way for your to verify a ticket is real.

“You can actually type in your citation number or your license plate number on your vehicle, and if it’s in our system it will pop up there, and if it isn’t you can call our office and we can verify for you,” said Moore.

If you do use the website listed on the ticket to pay, make sure it has an HTTPS in the URL, and leads back to to the real homepage of the city. That page will usually end in a .gov or .org.

Being in the know can save you from falling victim and it sure does make the meter maid, whose just doing her job, seem a lot more friendly.

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