Energy drink study shows they pose a serious risk to your heart

Before you take another sip of that energy drink, listen to this. New research is showing just how dangerous those quick jolts can be for your heart.

In fact the study showed just one drink can trigger potentially life threatening changes to your cardiovascular system.

Timothy Crowder in Spartanburg has been concerned for years that his 27-year-old son is drinking too many energy drinks a day.

“I keep telling him son you need to quit drinking those things, they’re not good for you,” said Crowder.

Now there’s even more reason to stop.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association finds even one drink could lead to “significant” changes in {graphic} blood pressure and the hearts electrical activity.

Dr. Bob MacDonald, a Cardiologist with Medical Group of the Carolinas, says he’s sees many patients who come in with heart issue triggered by these drinks.

“A case that really struck me was a 30 year old male. He drank alcohol in combination with energy drinks and found that towards the late evening he started having severe chest pain, his heart was racing, came to the emergency room and was actually having a heart attack,” said Dr. MacDonald.

Crowder had an unexpected heart attack without taking any energy drinks at age 41.

“At the time of my heart attack I worked out every day of the week and taught martial arts 3 days a week.”

So he’s especially concerned to hear existing cardiovascular disease can make one energy drink lethal.

You may be inclined to blame it on the caffeine, but the control group in this study had the exact same amount, 320 mg.

The study recommends “further investigation” of the other ingredients.

For Crowder, it’s proof enough, his effort to get his son to stop, needs it’s own boost.

“I’m going to call him today and tell him that some new research is out on energy drinks and he needs to put them away. Now whether he listens to me or not, like I said he’s 27, so but I’ll keep on him until he puts them away,” said Crowder.

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