76K attend Spring Fling in Spartanburg

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – 76,000 people attended Spring Fling in downtown Spartanburg this past weekend, according to the city.

Veteran food vendors at Fire Grill and the Carolina Rib King say the attention and the big crowds mean big business.

“We’re pretty busy from Friday to today. We love the people, love the crowds,” says Melvin Watkins, the supervisor at Fire Grill.

“This is a good thing right here, it helps out a lot of local restaurants and stuff,” says Solomon Williams, owner of Carolina Rib King.

It isn’t just big business for the vendors. Spring Fling puts the spotlight on the Hub City.

“It’s always great to showcase your city,” says Spring Fling attendee Robert Henderson. “I think Spartanburg’s a great city. A lot of times you hear a lot of people saying that there’s not much to do in Spartanburg, but downtown Spartanburg over the last month or so [has had] a lot of festivals and you’re always waiting for Spring Fling.”

“You get people who don’t come downtown but maybe once or twice a year. They come down [for Spring Fling], they see something, a store or something like that, they may go back and visit that store,” says Williams.

Whether you came for the food or for the family time, Spring Fling was another big success for everyone.

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