Clinton HS vandalized, $2,200 damage reported

school hallway generic

CLINTON, SC (WSPA) – Clinton High School was vandalized on April 28, according to police.

Officers say they went to the school after an alarm went off.

According to a statement from the school, a group of senior students participated in the vandalism.

They say the building had been painted and chalked with various slang and messages directed at the school.

Toilet paper was strewn across the ground, several areas were wrapped in plastic wrap, and trash and litter were all over the ground.

They checked the doors and the handles were covered with what they think was maple syrup.

Several hallways were vandalized with flour, paint, and other trash.

Graffiti was also on the walls and doors referencing gang signs, according to the report.

Profanity was found painted on bathroom walls and mirrors, and trash cans were overturned.

Cans of anchovies were all over the floor, and doors had been barricaded with tables and tied off with yarn.

One classroom had all the tables and desks overturned, and the computers and TV board were vandalized with flour and maple syrup.

The report estimates the damage at $2,200.

According to the statement from the school, the Clinton Public Safety Department is assisting in this ongoing investigation.

All students involved have been disciplined, the school says.

View the full statement, issued by Principal Maureen Tiller, below:

On the evening of Thursday, April 27 a group of senior students participated in minor vandalism outside of the main gym area. This consisted of window paint on outside gym windows, chalk on the sidewalks, toilet paper in trees, and syrup on outside door handles.

On the same evening, a group of 15 senior students entered the building through a classroom window. Major vandalism occurred while students were inside the building. This included toilet paper down hallways, window paint on inside windows, chalk on brick walls, baby powder and glitter spread through the halls, and syrup on handles of inside doors. One classroom had syrup and baby powder poured on classroom computers.

This is an ongoing investigation in conjunction with the Clinton Public Safety Department. All students involved have been disciplined in accordance to the Laurens County School District 56 Student Behavior Code outlined in the Clinton High School Student Handbook.”

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