Mom speaks out after son falls off Greenwood Co. school bus

Video shows an elementary school student fell off a moving school bus in Greenwood County.
Video shows an elementary school student fell off a moving school bus in Greenwood County.

GREENWOOD CO, SC (WSPA) – A Greenwood County elementary student  fell from a moving school bus on the way home from school, and the whole thing was caught on camera. Now his mom is demanding answers from the district.

Eight-year-old Jaquez White fell out of the side emergency door of a school bus on April 7th.

According to an incident report, Jaquez’s backpack caught the latch on the emergency door causing it to open.

Jacqueline White, Jaquez’s mom, says thankfully her son walked away from the fall with minor scrapes. This is something she says shouldn’t have happened at all.

“For him to be happy one minute, just playing with his friend and then out the door the next, I’m like no way,” she says.

The assistant superintendent with District 52 says an alarm is supposed to go off when an emergency door is opened. White says she never heard the alarm while watching the video. The assistant superintendent says the alarm on the bus was working, but over the children’s voices, it may have been hard for the bus driver to hear.

“For him to lean over to that door, and it just crack open further and further and further, that has nothing to do with him as a child. If the door was secure, and even if the alarm was working, he would’ve never fell out of it,” White says.

The school district says they and law enforcement investigated the incident. After their investigation of the actions of the bus driver, the district took “appropriate personnel action.”

The South Carolina Department of Education said in a statement that it was notified by Greenwood 52 district staff about the incident.

“Upon learning of the incident, our agency transportation staff in consultation with law enforcement conducted a full review of the bus’s safety features, including its emergency door alarm and latch, and found them all to be in good working condition,” according to the statement from the state Department of Education.

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